2 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

 2 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

1. Turmeric paste

To prepare the paste you will need:

- Turmeric (powder)

- Coconut oil

- Peppermint oil

Mix a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. Read more »

27 Tips from millionaire

Tips 30-year-old millionaire

1. Never put family or friends to the end of his list of priorities. Do not lose touch with old friends. Speak up in the morning, if you're interested.
2. How to become successful: select one business, focus, believe in yourself (especially if you do not believe others), develop communication and communicate, get acquainted with talented people and works hard.
3. Well it does uninteresting work almost impossible. Set a goal to be the best in what you are doing. Even if you will not achieve this sooner or later find yourself still quite high. Do not be afraid to take responsibility and take risks. Read more »

10 variants of fasting days

10 variants of fasting days

1. Fruit
1, 5 kg of fresh fruit (which is anything but bananas) divide into 5-6 meals and eat. Not on schedule and on request.

2. Kefir
This fasting day is very popular because it is effective, easily tolerated and normalizes the bowels. During the day you can drink 1, 5 liters of yogurt.

3. Apple
During the day you can eat 1, 5 kg of raw or baked apples savory.  Read more »

Clearing Thought Forms

Clearing Thought Forms

And of course, you can apply any thought forms. Make them yourself - about what do you seek. For example, if you already have a pair, replace "I attracts ..." to "people feel sympathy for me" or "I have a pleasing appearance, I look attractive, and every day getting better and better." You were very surprised how quickly react to reality.

Particle "not" can not be used. Thought form must be life-affirming. And no abstract and wordy wishes. Everything has to be specific, concise and directed to the same goal. If you have multiple objectives, it is desirable for each glass of water to ask only one. For example, today you are working with one goal, tomorrow another. Or one morning, in the evening on the other. Read more »

How To Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful

How To Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful

Author technique "Glass of Water" Jose Silva became famous around the world for developed their complex psychological trainings, the main "ingredient" which was just intuition.

Technique "glass of water" Jose Silva: Algorithm application

Write on a piece of paper a thought form. Read more »

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners 1

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

Pay attention to detail:

1.Your Appearance

Depending on the chosen idea, he should emphasize the main advantages of your figure and looks. If the city will have to move a lot, it may be better to stock up on removable comfortable shoes if you are, say, in high heels.

2.Use of various accessories

To get the most diverse picture, take care of a variety of accessories that can be changed periodically, such as scarves, handkerchiefs, gloves, glasses, a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of balloons and so on. Read more »

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

4 street photography projects

1.Romantic walk

The simplest thing for a girl - this is probably a romantic walk on the most iconic beauties and pleasant corners of the city - a memorable streets, lovely cafes and ancient buildings. For such fotoprogulok you can choose clothes that you like best - from easy to complex multi-layered dress sets, diluted with numerous accessories. Of course, we are talking about a casual stroll, not photographs of the rack "quietly" in any of the next municipal monument.

2.Retro style.

If the streets of your city abound of ancient architecture, you can always come up with something in the style of past years. To get the whole image, you need to advance work with make-up artist and hairdresser - make-up and hairstyles of previous years most clearly highlight the retro era. Lens should be chosen interesting background filling - ancient arches, unusual patios, gazebos, wrought-iron gates and doors, and so on. Read more »

How many sex partners do people really have?

How many sex partners do people really have?

In today's world, sex life before marriage is not considered bad manners, and valuable experience.

According to research scientists, if you have its second half tenth, you can assume that your family life is good.

"Before you get married, and men and women, it is desirable to experiment with ten partners," - experts have voiced the opinion of most respondents.

Only a third of respondents said the number "ten" critical, and people who have had many bonds illegible.

The survey was conducted the largest dating sites, attended by over a thousand people. Each of the volunteers spoke on the topic, how many lovers before the wedding can be considered optimal.

the majority of respondents regarded people with less than 10 lovers as inexperienced. People who had more than 20 contacts, also received wide public disapproval, rather, on the contrary, have caused envy and admiration.

How many sex partners do people really have?

How many sex partners do people really have?

Which Under-Eye Masks Give The Most Visible Result

Which Under-Eye Masks Give The Most Visible Result


The composition of these strips include an impressive list of active ingredients: oils, extracts of various herbs and plants, vitamins, peptides and collagen which are essential to improve the elasticity and relieve irritation, fatigue effect. All of these can vary depending on the destination of the funds, which do you choose for yourself?

 Smoothing & Relaxing Eye Patches

Typically, the composition of such patches include hyaluronic acid, collagen, colloidal gold and oils. Due to the action of the active substances they work on the principle of Botox: a little "inhibit" mimicry, relieve skin from unnecessary roughness and wrinkles.

Read more »

Night time eating — should you eat after 6pm?

Night time eating - should you eat after 6pm?

1. The last meal should be done in about three or four hours before bedtime.

That is, if you go to bed late, you usually "do not eat after six" does not apply.

2. Dinner must be correct.

It is not recommended to use in the afternoon fatty foods and foods with a high glycemic index, that is, containing the so-called simple carbohydrates. Fats just do not have time to spend, and do not allow to feel satiety. A fast carbohydrates the body absorbs almost immediately, because of what they raise blood glucose levels and often also sent "in stock". So how can that be? Perfect dinner should consist of protein foods or contain complex carbohydrates. For example, you can eat a portion of buckwheat, cottage cheese, lean meat or fish with vegetables. No sauces, convenience foods, sweets, fast food, smoked meat and other nasty things! Read more »