How to Live a Good Life

How to Live a Good Life

1. Learn to look to the future.

        Before you start a business, imagine the final result. And in a clear picture.
Clearly imagine that you want to obtain. How will your community, your world will change in yourself, how much money, connections and opportunities it will bring. Develop a desire to achieve their dreams. In this vote, and the negative consequences of your decision. Think about the negative effects and risks the future holds, and how you can use this risk to his advantage, manipulating them.

2. Develop your own personal financial plan.

Business - it is primarily financial knowledge. Learn to distinguish active from passive, active from passive income, precious metals from the light. Set a goal, which provide a clear exit strategy. Basic levels of the plan: providing a reserve (in case of force majeure), the security plan (expenses exceed your income), the plan of comfort and wealth plan. Write down the path, you will reach them in a simple way, so that they can understand even a child of five.

3. Create a start-up capital.

Options for the creation of capital: get credit, sell your idea; Earn on the purchase and sale of liquid products (such as real estate or securities); find a patron; attract a strategic investor; create a business; team up with the same as you. Then invest it in something that brings passive income.

4. Why reinvent the wheel if you can buy it and go.

Seek professional advice. You can not know everything about everything, so you important team of the best specialists. Use experience and other people's time. Especially important are experts in accounting and law, which will allow you to obtain the necessary funds, to minimize costs and to provide for risks.

5. Study the experience of other people.

Ordinary people spend a lot of time investment. Rich people learn to invest wisely. Learn what to invest the richest people and how they have achieved success. Observe that allows others to achieve success and get you the most important thing. Get information. In this age of information rules the world. Find yourself a mentor. You can work on it even for free, like the great masters worked as an apprentice at the other masters. Remember that learning experience, you get a piece of the skill of the man.

6. Business - is a strong emotion and strong nerves.

Evaluate investment not in terms of its beauty, splendor, and desires that it causes, but from the standpoint of profitability. Have the courage to make a decision quickly. Have a strong desire to invest in the business, so that it has increased its cost. If the investment brings loss, have the inner strength to abandon it.

7. Success is: 10% luck and 90% patience.

Many do not make a profit, because they do not believe in themselves, and go the distance before reaching the goal of only 1 step. If you have a plan, follow it. Change it if you find a better solution, but always keep the goal. Remember, persistence, concentration, performance - important ingredients for success when you are working on the creation and improvement of systems.

8. Do business only, which ultimately will result in the money.

If you take it a rule to this principle, you will always have free time and a positive cash flow. Before you decide on the action miscalculated profit from it. Concentrate on 1) the receipt of passive income from assets and 2) on the improvement of systems.

9. Bluff to the finish.

One of the key skills of a successful business is communication skills. If you need to attract the best talent, draw them a picture of your dream as if it has already become a reality. Live as if you have already almost reached your dream. When people believe you, you're already required to achieve their dreams.

10. Prepare your business for sale from the first day.

Remember that money is working for you. The faster you wrap the money, the more intense it becomes your cash flow. If you have created a business, then prepare it for sale at the beginning, if you purchased an existing business, be prepared to sell it. Work in the business to create a system, and command that the business operated without your direct involvement.

11. Note that in the game, as well as in business, everything that is not forbidden.

The real money is not where the trodden paths, and where no one has gone. So look promising markets and trends. Experts believe that the most effective areas that are important to all inhabitants of the world: health, wealth, investment, education and security. Invent new schemes, new ways of sales and marketing.

12. Make money work for them.

Poor people work for money. Rich - make money work for them, acquiring assets: real estate, securities and various enterprises and companies. Spend time on the acquisition and management of assets. Remember that wealth - is the ability to live without working.

13. You are surrounded by a lot of opportunities. Everywhere and always.

The rich invent money, finding ever new ways of creating assets. Accept that in our world of money just lying underfoot. You just need to start noticing the opportunities that will bring you money. Keep your eyes and ears open as you navigate through the streets, talk to people and read the papers, say "Yes" to new opportunities. When you see the first opportunity, you learn to see the rest. Give the market opportunities that he needs, and it will bring you great profits.

14. Get rid of unwanted habits: fear, laziness, complacency and lack of faith in their own strength.

Many people do not do anything, because they are afraid that something will not work. Scare you then, when you reach financial freedom, and yet just check your financial plan, and enjoy a self-learning. Make a list of your fears and learn it. Remember that the true life is hidden behind the fear. Proceed.

15. Go to new horizons. Always.

To keep pace, you need to constantly evolve. Grow yourself, develop your experience and your people. Remember that you always have to improve the following skills: communication, leadership, time management, emotions, team building, knowledge of tax law, the activities of companies and legislation in the field of securities. Keep your mind open to new knowledge.

16. The life - the best teacher.

Learn to accept the lessons that life gives you. If failure occurs, you can lay your hands, and you can take it as a lesson and an opportunity to draw for the experience and profit. Be an optimist.

17. Allow yourself to be rich.

Create a legend about himself. Study your family tree, get in it evidence that your relatives have a chance to be successful people. Find a hero. Remember, if they succeeded, then, and you can of it. Search your biographical facts that point to your experience in the creation of assets and the receipt of money by using money and other people's time. Believe that you are worthy to become the richest man in the world.

18. The way you think - your main resource.

If your mind and use the right language, "effective" word, he may be the most important resource. Never say "No" and "I can not", say "Yes" to everything new and unknown, as well as "How can I achieve this", "How can I afford it." Then you will find the way to achieve this.

19. Before you get - learn to give.

Give, and you will be rewarded. Be generous even if it did not immediately give an immediate profit. Kindness, openness, generosity always pays off. Devote time and attention to friends, relatives and friends, your health and hobbies. This is - a powerful resource for your business, which give you support on your way.

20. Find a business that excites you true passion.

They say passion - it is a combination of love and hate. As long as people will not feel a passion for something, it will be difficult to achieve.
Passion - is the energy of your life.
Why do you love what you want and why you hate yourself for what you can not do it?

How to Live a Good Life

How to Live a Good Life

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