Meaning of Moles on the Face

Meaning of Moles on the Face

Meaning of Moles on the Face

Meaning of Moles on the Face


1 - The point of the famous "third eye" of Shiva eye. Someone who he is, has an infinite intuition, mind and thirst for knowledge with a bias in mysticism.

2 - A passionate, jealous man legkorazdrazhimy.

3 - Poetic nature, a tendency to intellectual professions.

4 - This mole - the testimony of deep love and fidelity, as well as sensuality and generosity.

5 - Shifting, tangled temperament and short novels.

6 - A passion for travel, imagination and creativity.

7 - Unfounded jealousy, the prevalence of self-centered in nature.

8 - Boundless sensuality. Married life rich in experiences.

9 - In regard to love, a predisposition to groundless guilt and a tendency to quarrels.

10 - Excellent memory, diplomacy, earthiness.

11 - Taste to complication of love relationships and everything forbidden.

12 - Entangled sentimental connection, a man without a trace of passion given.

13 - Frequent quarrels and quick reconciliation. Carnal love prevails over platonic.

14 - sublime and mystic turn of mind, a sense of universal love and quite an outstanding fate.

15 - independence, love of pleasure and travel.

16 - The thirst of maternity (paternity), generosity, faithfulness.

17 - stunningly seductive, the propensity to conduct shocking and scandalous events. I love to diversity, but refers to marriage seriously.

18 - The victory of sensibility over all other qualities. Fantasy and originality.

19 - Tendency to jealousy, lust and the only great love.

20 - Difficult character, tendency to depression.

21 - Taste for variability in intellectual and in the love sphere. And of course the intricate connection.

22 - Underlined eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.

23 - Clear mind, orderliness. The will to increase both spiritual and material.

24 - The fragile psyche and health and insecurity.

25 - The desire to acquire a traditional, strong family. In communion sweet and balanced person. Love for a quiet life and a penchant for conservative views.

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