27 Tips from millionaire

Tips 30-year-old millionaire

1. Never put family or friends to the end of his list of priorities. Do not lose touch with old friends. Speak up in the morning, if you're interested.
2. How to become successful: select one business, focus, believe in yourself (especially if you do not believe others), develop communication and communicate, get acquainted with talented people and works hard.
3. Well it does uninteresting work almost impossible. Set a goal to be the best in what you are doing. Even if you will not achieve this sooner or later find yourself still quite high. Do not be afraid to take responsibility and take risks.
4. I do not know whether the money can buy happiness, but it sure can buy freedom. And this is a lot. Lack of money also leads to stress. And often, making money becomes more interesting occupation than their waste.
5. More often talk with people. Read more lengthy articles and books less tweets. Less than watching TV.
6. Set yourself clear goals for every day, year and decade.
7. Planning - that's good. But if you get an unexpected opportunity, use it. Do not be afraid to do something a little reckless.
8. Earn communicate with smart, interesting and ambitious people. Work on them and hire them. The fact that we are like the people that spend a lot of time, really true.
9. Get rid of distractions. It is very important. Force yourself to focus, over time it will bear fruit.
10. Less worry. Not many things in the world is so risky as it seems. Many people are too afraid to take risks, not knowing what awaits them. So you never will achieve heights.
11. Ask for what you want.
12. If you know that you will be sorry if you do not do something, you better do it.
13. Train. Eat right. Relax. You already know this.
14. Youth - is a great thing. Do not spend it in vain. No money will get her back.
15. Most tell your parents that you love them. Visit them.
16. Learn insatiable.
17. Most do something new. New activity not only slows down the perception of time and makes life interesting, it also helps not to stay in one place and increases outlook.
18 . Do not burn bridges.
19. Farewell people.
20. Do not chase status. Status-free does not mean anything.
21. Most things will not harm in moderation. Almost everything hurts, if you use it excessively.
22. Fear - an integral part of life. I noticed that he was more concerned with smart and ambitious people. It seems to me that many people are working so hard because they think the fear is too often.
23. Not worth much to complain about. People do not like that.
24. Do not be jealous of others' success. But remember that many will envy you, and ignore it.
25. If you have enough time, you will be able to adapt to anything.
26. Think of a few seconds before you do it. Take a few minutes when you are angry.
27. The days are long, but short decades.

become a millionaire

become a millionaire

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