Clearing Thought Forms

Clearing Thought Forms

And of course, you can apply any thought forms. Make them yourself - about what do you seek. For example, if you already have a pair, replace "I attracts ..." to "people feel sympathy for me" or "I have a pleasing appearance, I look attractive, and every day getting better and better." You were very surprised how quickly react to reality.

Particle "not" can not be used. Thought form must be life-affirming. And no abstract and wordy wishes. Everything has to be specific, concise and directed to the same goal. If you have multiple objectives, it is desirable for each glass of water to ask only one. For example, today you are working with one goal, tomorrow another. Or one morning, in the evening on the other.

And if the thought-form is aimed at improving, the water becomes curative - it acquires the properties of the drug from the disease, you are going to heal, and goes straight to the right address. The origin of holy water - similar.

A piece of paper also has its function

1. Firstly, you do not just say the thought form, and write it down, it acquires additional strength.
2. Second, even one word stuck on a container of water, the water charging information stored in the sense of the word.

Clusters that are thus formed, can be seen under a microscope after freezing. Famous experiments have shown that such words as "I love you", "thank you", "hello", generate snowflakes divine beauty, and negative word - ugly icicles. Why is it still a wonder. Otherwise, as the Providence of God, it can not be called. Of course, the main role is played here by the intention of the person who recognizes the word when he writes, and paste it in the container.

Power Hand

Finally, the energy of your hands amplifies and localizes intention, whereby water will be charged quickly and effectively. Information recorded in the water will spread throughout the body and set up morphological aura to the radiation given intention. Do not worry if you still do not feel tight bundle of energy. It is impossible now - after a week of training will. Moreover, the water does not necessarily impact. It is enough that you just put the glass between his palms.

So you own a powerful technique, where the morphological field pumped passes hands. Technique "glass of water" easy and does not require the skills of working with energy.

Clearing Thought Forms

Clearing Thought Forms

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