Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners 1

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

Pay attention to detail:

1.Your Appearance

Depending on the chosen idea, he should emphasize the main advantages of your figure and looks. If the city will have to move a lot, it may be better to stock up on removable comfortable shoes if you are, say, in high heels.

2.Use of various accessories

To get the most diverse picture, take care of a variety of accessories that can be changed periodically, such as scarves, handkerchiefs, gloves, glasses, a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of balloons and so on.

3. Time allocation

Decide on the time of day: remember that the best and most natural images are obtained in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not so strong was hot. Photographed in the street can be in any season, each has its own charms and flaws. For example, in the autumn make beautiful pictures of colorful trees in the background, but it is already cool and rainy weather to guess sometimes difficult. But in the summer - will for the images, costumes and locations for filming, however, is, on the contrary, too hot.

4.Hair and makeup

You also can not forget that the outside hair and makeup may require trimming, so if you currently have the best camp makeup, comb and a small mirror. If you pre-create any image with a complicated hairstyle, it is recommended to fix the varnish well that it has held in its original form as long as possible, even if the street is a breeze.

5.Rehearsal photos

Homework: check out pictures of famous fotobloggerov perhaps you will gather something new for themselves in their images, there is often found something shocking and extremely unusual. Browse the work of famous photographers who take pictures of the subject, ask for photos of models on the background of the different cities in the world.

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners 1

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners 1

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