Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

4 street photography projects

1.Romantic walk

The simplest thing for a girl - this is probably a romantic walk on the most iconic beauties and pleasant corners of the city - a memorable streets, lovely cafes and ancient buildings. For such fotoprogulok you can choose clothes that you like best - from easy to complex multi-layered dress sets, diluted with numerous accessories. Of course, we are talking about a casual stroll, not photographs of the rack "quietly" in any of the next municipal monument.

2.Retro style.

If the streets of your city abound of ancient architecture, you can always come up with something in the style of past years. To get the whole image, you need to advance work with make-up artist and hairdresser - make-up and hairstyles of previous years most clearly highlight the retro era. Lens should be chosen interesting background filling - ancient arches, unusual patios, gazebos, wrought-iron gates and doors, and so on.

3.Fashion photoshoot.

Why not repeat the frames as the cover of glossy magazines, where professional models depicted on the background of urban landscapes? It looks very busy night scene - against the backdrop of the bustling traffic and bright windows and city lights. The model also should look appropriate - clothes close to the catwalk, bright makeup and hairstyle, as well as posture - they can spy on everyone in the same journals.

4. Urban Style.

Recently, a very fashionable and popular was the concept of large cities, as well as their particular rhythm and the image on the photo. Classics of the genre - the glass walls of skyscrapers, walls with bright graffiti, unusual modern buildings and bridges, and so on.

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners

Smart Tips on Street Photography for Beginners


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