Night time eating — should you eat after 6pm?

Night time eating - should you eat after 6pm?

1. The last meal should be done in about three or four hours before bedtime.

That is, if you go to bed late, you usually "do not eat after six" does not apply.

2. Dinner must be correct.

It is not recommended to use in the afternoon fatty foods and foods with a high glycemic index, that is, containing the so-called simple carbohydrates. Fats just do not have time to spend, and do not allow to feel satiety. A fast carbohydrates the body absorbs almost immediately, because of what they raise blood glucose levels and often also sent "in stock". So how can that be? Perfect dinner should consist of protein foods or contain complex carbohydrates. For example, you can eat a portion of buckwheat, cottage cheese, lean meat or fish with vegetables. No sauces, convenience foods, sweets, fast food, smoked meat and other nasty things!

3. Food, drink for dinner, should be varied.

The more products you turn at the last meal, the great pleasure to receive. In addition, you will eat more slowly, savoring every bite. This means that saturation occurs quickly, so you do not overeat

4.Try not to overdo it with spices and condiments, especially in the afternoon.

They greatly increase the appetite and suppress hunger will not be easy.

5.So that you do not want to eat something harmful or forbidden at night to eat it in the morning, preferably at breakfast.

In this case, you will satisfy your desire, and all the calories and carbohydrates per day will have time to spend, then you have not harm the figure.

6.A little help suppress appetite a glass of warm water.

The liquid fills the stomach, but do not overload it. As a result, you will not feel hungry, and fall asleep easily.

7.Try to eat more in the morning.

Many people do not eat breakfast, and almost nothing to eat during the working day, that is fundamentally wrong. The body will still try to take his own, so that in the evening you will feel hungry anyway, with strong. And in the morning you do not want to eat because your stomach will be full because of the late meal. It will turn a vicious circle. Try to overcome hunger once and start the next day with a hearty and healthy breakfast. Do not forget about lunch, afternoon tea and a full dinner. Then in the evening to eat you just do not want to.

8.Replace meal you can stroll.

This not only helps to be distracted from thinking about food, but also very beneficial to the body and figure.

9.What to do, not to think of delicacies? Go to bed early!

Yes, it's corny, but it really helps. You will not only not harm your figure, but also a great night's sleep.


It will soothe and distract from unnecessary thoughts. Particularly useful are the smells of mint, chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang.

11. Right motivation

Understand for yourself why exactly you should give up the evening meal: for a beautiful and slender body, for health, for the sake of pride, deep sleep or being nice?

12.Try right after dinner to brush your teeth.

Reflex might work, because after such a procedure does not usually eat.

Night time eating - should you eat after 6pm?

Night time eating - should you eat after 6pm?

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