5 Ways to Remove Bathroom Mold

5 Ways to Remove Bathroom Mold

In the bathroom, which must always be clean, often appears mold and fungus. Careful and regular cleaning of the premises is not always safeguard against its occurrence. How to solve the problem, many housewives do not know. But avoid trouble and to get rid of mold in the bathroom are simple remedies that are indispensable in the kitchen.

1. Vinegar with baking soda

Teaspoon soda dining room must be dissolved in a cup of water and rub the problem areas of the solution. You can use the spray. Ten minutes later, remove the mold from the walls with a brush, wash the area with warm water the entire surface. Again, soak the walls with this solution, but it is not necessary to wash off.
You can sprinkle baking soda on top of dry mold and repay it with vinegar. Foam should settle down completely. Further, any detergent should be washed wall.

2. Peroxide

It can be purchased in every pharmacy. Peroxide you just spray on the surface of the mold. You can also moisten the cloth and wipe the area of the walls with mold. Peroxide is great for removing mold from the white ceiling and other surfaces white. It is important to remember that the colored portions of this solution may whiten.

3. Chlorine bleach

Before processing mold with such a solution it is necessary to acquire mask for protecting the respiratory tract and gloves. Otherwise, you can get a skin burn hands and toxic fumes will irritate the respiratory tract.

Bleach diluted (1:10) with water, soak the sponge, treat affected areas of white. Rinse the solution is not required, if the apartment is not inhabited by children or animals. The room should be just the odor thoroughly ventilate.

There are still a great option. Cloth moistened with a solution of bleach should be spread out all over the place with mold. Let lie all the night. In the morning you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. White vinegar

It does not emit harmful substances for man, destroy up to 80 percent of the existing mold. Vinegar should be through a nebulizer to spray the walls with mold. After 60 minutes, sections, soaked in vinegar, rinse with water. In order to prevent re-occurrence of mold repeating this many times it is necessary (for example, weekends).

5. Hydrogen peroxide with sulfuric acid and vinegar

The solution was prepared as follows: peroxide - 2.10, acid - 1/10, 5/10 - water, 2/10 - vinegar. Wipe the moldy surface. The solution very quickly help get rid of mold in the bathroom.
To a problem with fungus and mold no longer occurs, it is necessary to ventilate the bathroom more often. It is advisable to have it heated floor, extractor fan and cold walls - warm.

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