How to remove FACIAL Hair Naturally at Home

How to remove FACIAL Hair Naturally at Home

Many wonder: suddenly started growing facial hair - why is it that is happening? The reasons are hormonal changes that occur in the female body, which is very difficult to solve. Simply remove excess hair at the time of the face by the following means.

1. Bioepilation resin or wax

Resins and waxes can be purchased at the pharmacy. Their heat, applied to the hair, to cover the top of a special thin paper. After cooling abruptly remove cover.

2. Clarification of hydrogen peroxide

Popular lightening facial hair with hydrogen peroxide needs to be done very carefully so as not to damage the skin. The antennae are processed in a day with a 3% or 6% solution.

3. Alcohol solutio

The alcohol (35 g), liquid ammonia (5 g), iodine (1.5 g), castor oil (5 grams). Lubricate twice a day.

4. Nutshell

Walnut and pine nuts crushed, mixed with water to a mushy state. Rub several times a day.

5. Nettle seeds

Nettle seeds pound (40 grams), pour vegetable oil (100 grams), leave for two months in a dark place. Strain.

6. Grape juice

Juice wild unripe grapes daily to lubricate the hair.

7. Soda solution

Baking soda (a teaspoon), dissolved in a cup of boiling water. Moistened with a cotton swab to apply to the problem area, to consolidate and leave overnight.
Whatever means you choose, any one of them will enable you to cope with this problem and make the skin of your face the most delicate and beautiful.

If you have facial hair, what to do in this case, what methods to use - it's up to you. The effect is determined by home remedies natural ingredients that can be used to remove facial hair in women of any age.

facial hair removal

facial hair removal

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