11 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

11 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

1. Coffee is rich in antioxidants - due to its high caffeine content, coffee is a first-class source of antioxidants, which prevent cancer and fight the signs of aging.

2. Coffee is rich in magnesium - the researchers found that a huge number of people suffer from a lack of magnesium, a mineral necessary for many enzymes in the body to catalyze the reaction.

3. Has antibacterial and thinning properties - Italian scientists have found that when the study was carried out on the properties of their favorite national drink, when he was named the "bad." In fact, this means that coffee prevents thrombosis (of course, if you do not add a ton of sugar).

4. Improves digestion - because coffee is a diuretic, it helps cleanse the body.

5. Increases resistance and performance of the body - has recently coffee has become one of the mandatory components of the diet of professional athletes. The athletes who are preparing for the Olympic Games must consume a certain amount of coffee, which, as it turned out, improves coordination and makes the immune system more resistant to disease.

6. Reduces the possibility of a depression - studies that were conducted on school-age children in Brazil have shown that children who drank a cup of coffee before going to school, resist depression, and had a low level of anxiety, compared to children who had not received caffeine.

7. Reduces the chances of developing Parkinson's syndrome - 6 separate studies conducted by scientists from various countries have shown that people who regularly consume 3-4 cups of coffee a day were 80% less likely to Parkinson's disease than people who refuse to coffee.

8. Reduces the risk of colon cancer - 2 cups of coffee a day by 25% reduces the risk of the disease, according to researchers at Princeton University.

9. Compensate for the effects of smoking - Coffee reduces the damage caused by the heart and the liver as a result of smoking.

10. Prevents asthma and headaches - asthma medicine and headache contain large amounts of caffeine as it constricts blood vessels, removing the painful symptoms hence also affects coffee.

11. Reduces the chance of liver disease - studies have shown that people who drink two cups of coffee a day were 80% less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver.

So - drink coffee
The main thing is not to overdo it - an overabundance of caffeine is also not a good idea.

11 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee

11 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee


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