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How to Live a Good Life

How to Live a Good Life 1. Learn to look to the future.         Before you start a business, imagine the final result. And in a clear picture. Clearly imagine that you want to obtain. How will your community, your world will change in yourself, how much money, connections and opportunities it will bring. Develop […]

Clearing Thought Forms

Clearing Thought Forms And of course, you can apply any thought forms. Make them yourself - about what do you seek. For example, if you already have a pair, replace "I attracts ..." to "people feel sympathy for me" or "I have a pleasing appearance, I look attractive, and every day getting better and better." […]

How many sex partners do people really have?

How many sex partners do people really have? In today's world, sex life before marriage is not considered bad manners, and valuable experience. According to research scientists, if you have its second half tenth, you can assume that your family life is good. "Before you get married, and men and women, it is desirable to […]

Magic minute

Magic minute During each day there is a moment when between us and the higher powers that control the fate of a direct channel of communication. And what do you think at this moment come true a hundred percent. This moment is called "the golden moment of the day." Insiders actively ipolzovat this knowledge to […]

Easy Ways to Find the Friends When Travelling Alone

Easy Ways to Find the  Friends When Travelling Alone 1. Try Travel Buddies Whether you’re looking for someone from home to start your trip with and simple app for meeting other travellers. Travel plans as you, while listing by people proximity makes it easy to find people close by, wherever you rock up to, so you […]

The fastest VPN online. Astrill VPN

The fastest VPN online . Astrill VPN If you are worried about your personal information being stolen and/or you just want to access some blocked content – VPN is the right choice for you. So far, the cycle was quite simple: request goes from your pc, to the remote server and answer returns. Everything unencrypted (you might […]

How to spark a traffic “flash mob”

How to spark a traffic “flash mob” This is the hottest thing to hit mobile since 2010…. And it’s NOT “texting” or traditional “mobile ads” or any similar tactic you’ve heard about a hundred times from every wannabe-‘guru’ on the Internet